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Technical Support Guidelines and Procedures

We provide general technical support for escalated requests made by Student Affairs departments. We also provide technical support for the specialized software and web applications that we write and and develop.

Before You Call Tech Support:

Reboot your computer

Test programs or applications that were causing issues before, after rebooting your computer. Manually restarting will force your computer to reload the operating system and restore stability.

Search the Web

Save time and narrow the scope of what could be the issue. There are many online resources for resolving common technical difficulties. Let Technical Support know of anything you have attempted if you continue to need assistance.

Check the Help Desk FAQ

Common problems or questions and their answers can be found on the Knowledge Base (opens in a new tab). Problems you may be experiencing may have been already been resolved for someone experiencing the same problem.

Document the Problem

Document the problem in detail if the suggestions above have not worked. We are able to solve your problem more quickly and efficiently if you have documentation and history.

  • What series of actions causes the problem?
  • Is the problem reproducible?
  • Does the problem prompt you with an error message?
  • Be sure to write any error messages down.
If you still need help: