Student Organization Websites

We host all student clubs and organizations websites associated with Student Affairs, like ACT and SGA. Below are some FAQs about Student Affairs websites.


How do I get an Appalachian State website?

Fill out the Web Consultation Form for your new club or organization. We will have a website ready for you for in about a week. Your organization must be recognized by Campus Activities.

How will I know how to work on my new site?

We can train your websites administrator(s) to navigate the editing interface and to provide technical support. To request training or support, fill out this form. Additionally, we are always available to provide technical support if you have questions or problems with your website that are not answered on our TSS Answers Board.

How can I get access to my website?

We will grant you access if you are the new president of a club and the previous president didnt provide any information about you existing website. You must come in for a training session if you do not know how to use the editing interface. Please fill out this form to request a training session.

Can I get web or tech advice for my club or Student Development office?

Absolutely—we are always here to advise you on your web and tech needs. Please fill out this form to ask for advice or guidance, and we'll be happy to provide it to you.