Technical Support Guidelines and Procedures

Scope of Support

At ESS, we provide general technical support for escalated requests made by offices in the Division of Student Development. We are also available for technical support for the specialized software and web applications that we write and develop. If you are a resident student seeking help, please visit the ResNet website .

Before You Call Tech Support

Reboot your computer

Rebooting your computer often solves problems because a manual restart forces your computer to reload the operating system and restore stability. After rebooting your computer, test to see if your problem has been remedied by starting any programs or applications that were causing issues before.

Search the Web

Searching the Web is useful when you are unable to fix something on your own because there are many online resources for resolving common technical difficulties. Being able to inform Technical Support of solutions you have attempted yourself helps minimize the possibilities of what could be wrong.

Check the Help Desk FAQ

Believe it or not, it is likely that others have had the same problem you are experiencing. Solutions for common problems and answers for frequently asked questions can be found on the TSS Answers Board.

Document the Problem

If rebooting your system, searching the Web, and reading over the Help Desk FAQ has not rectified your problem, we advise you to document the problem in detail. What series of actions causes the problem? Is the problem reproducible? Does the system prompt you with an error message? Be sure to write down any error messages - they really do help us determine what's wrong. Having these facts at hand enables us to solve your problem more quickly and efficiently.

If you still need help:

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